My Perfect Sunday in the City of Light


Here’s exactly how I’d be spending my Sunday in the City of Light. Continue Reading →

Yann Arthus-Bertrand’s ‘Paris From Above’

Paris from the Air

French photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand has created a fantastic book and video of imagery taken of Paris from a helicopter above the city. It’s breath taking! Continue Reading →

Notre Dame de Paris: Simply Breathtaking

Notre Dame 1

There are many beautiful churches in Paris, and I may even be persuaded to admit that Sainte Chapelle and Saint Eustache are more grand and glorious, but nothing beats Notre Dame’s position along the Seine on the gorgeous Ile de la Cite. From the gargoyles to the massive stained-glass windows to the iconic towers and flying buttresses, Notre Dame is a complete delight. Continue Reading →

7,000 Same-Sex Weddings in France!

French gay rights protest flier 2

New reports out today show that there were 7,000 same-sex weddings in France in 2013, the first year in which marriage equality became the law of the land. And you know what, Manif Pour Tous (a hate organization that has organized violent attacks against LGBT people) and spokeswoman for homophobia, the ridiculously named Frigide Barjot: The world has not come crumbling down. Continue Reading →

Paris’s Best Culinary Supply Stores

E. Dehillerin

Today’s Paris memories are all about the city’s incomparable culinary equipment boutiques, particularly E. Dehillerin, where one can find the finest copper cookery in all of Par-ee! And it’s just steps from the famous 24/7 brasserie Au Pied du Cochon, where, not surprisingly, pigs feet are a specialty! Continue Reading →

Thousands Flock to BK. My Heart Breaks a Little


Burger King opened it’s first location in Paris last month, resulting in lines a hundred-deep of French customers eager to taste their first Whoppers. Fast food is rapidly taking over in Paris, where there’s already a McDonalds (they call it McDo’s), a Subway or a Starbucks on seemingly every corner. And I couldn’t be more upset that a city famed for its gastronomy has fully fallen prey to fast foodization. Continue Reading →