Parisians Poke Fun at Their Surly Image

Dour Parisians

You certainly have to give Parisians credit for a collective good sense of humor when it comes to the impression they make upon some visitors to their city. There’s a belief–even among proud Parisians themselves-that residents of the City of Light are in perpetual bad moods and that’s there’s little than can be done to raise their spirits. Hence this bumper sticker seen recently in the city that translates to: “I love NOTHING. I’m Parisian.” But is this impression a valid one? Or is it simply stemming from cultural differences? Continue Reading →

France Protects Booksellers from Merci!

Booksellers 3

While continues to put U.S. book stores out of business through its cut-rate prices and ruthless business tactics to destroy its competition, France has taken action to protect what it deems a vital part of the nation’s culture and heritage. A new law would ban Amazon from offering free shipping to all addresses in the nation, effectively eliminating one of the online seller’s biggest financial advantages. Government officials say the measure is needed to protect two key components of French culture–books and the proprietors that sell them. Continue Reading →

Not in Paris for Bastille Day? We’ve Got You Covered!


So, you weren’t able to to be in Paris for Bastille Day? Missed the incredible half-hour fireworks show over the Eiffel Tower? (Me too, sadly.) Never fear, OuiAlwaysHaveParis has got you covered! Continue Reading →

Joyeux Quatorze Juillet! (Happy Bastille Day!)

Bastille Day 3

Today, France celebrates it’s national independence day, the anniversary of the 1789 storming of the Bastille prison in Paris that marked the start of the French Revolution. If you’re in Paris today (lucky you!) show up early to snag a spot on the Champs de Mars park adjacent to the Eiffel Tower for an unparalleled view of the fireworks show. Many of the city’s bridges also are ideal viewing locations. Aimer! Continue Reading →

Is Paris Cracking Down on Its Worst Attribute?

Smoking 2

Parisians–and the French in general–are smokers.

It’s a love affair that’s lasted for decades, and shows no sign of abating any time soon. Studies show that about 30% of French adults smoke, and more alarmingly a similarly high percentage of Gallic teenagers regularly light up. But a recent move by Paris’s new mayor to curb smoking in public places has led some to decry the loss of the iconic image of the Parisian smoker. Is that necessarily such a bad thing? Continue Reading →

Where Can You Find the Best Duck Confit in Paris?

Confit de canard at Chez Dumonet

A dish you’re likely to find on the menu of nearly every eatery in Paris is confit de canard, a leg of duck cured and preserved in salt and other spices, often garlic and thyme, and then cooked in its own fat. Although confit de canard is served throughout Paris, it is often badly prepared. So, when you find a Parisian cafe, bistro, brasserie or restaurant that does serve a perfect confit de canard, you not only make a mental note of it, but you also tell your family, friends and just about everyone else who will listen of your discovery. Here are two of my favorites: Tropic Cafe and Chez Dumonet. Continue Reading →