We, the Lovers of Paris …

here's the alt textYou love Paris. OK, let’s be honest: You’re obsessed with Paris. No matter how many times you’ve visited, you keep planning to return again and again. Your home is plastered with Paris souvenirs and French-themed decor. You’ve got a “I’d rather be in Paris” bumper sticker on your car. You’ve named your dog or cat Paris, and it’s not an homage to that reality TV parasite. Everything you do is Paris, Paris, Paris.

Me too. (That’s me, on the right, at the Trocadero Christmas market.)

There’s nowhere else on Earth I’d rather be than Gay Par-ee. And I know Paris better than I know my own neighborhood in Los Angeles. I think about the City of Light morning, noon and night. And I know I’m not alone; many of you do, as well.

So, here, on this blog, I’m going to share my Parisian experiences with my fellow Francophiles (Is Parisophile a word?). What you see and read will give you a glimpse into “my” Paris. But I want to hear about “your” Paris, too! I hope you’ll share your thoughts and experiences by commenting on my posts. I’m curious to learn more about your treasured memories and the fantastic experiences you’ve had in the City of Light.

As they’d say in France, Revenons à Paris!