Two Paris Restaurants You Might Want to Skip

Le Georges 1An article published in the U.K. newspaper The Telegraph suggests that two well-known Paris restaurants discriminate against patrons based on their ages and looks.

The staffs at Le Georges atop the Pompidou Center and Cafe Marly, which overlooks the Louvre, are instructed to seat only young, good-looking people on the venues’ terraces and at prominent tables. Older and less attractive guests are forced inside, and preferable into back corners, the article states.

But, honestly, why would you want to go to either? Sure, Cafe Marly’s view of the iconic Louvre museum is gorgeous. But the clientele is nearly 100% tourists and the food is ridiculously overpriced: a cheeseburger costs 23 Euros ($31), six oysters are priced at 28 Euros (about $38), and even an average-sized mojito will set you back 18 Euros ($24). The prices are similar at Le Georges, and, frankly, unless you get a table near a window or are permitted seating on the terrace, you might as well be inside any ground-floor restaurant anywhere else in the city.

Trust me, you’re much better off wandering away from the tourist sights to the cafes, bistros and restaurants that real Parisians patronize. The food is better. The ambiance is better. And you’ll likely save a bundle, too!

Telegraph story: Paris restaurants discriminate based on looks