COVID Brings Paris — and the World — to a Halt

covidThe emergence of Covid-19 as a global threat has hit hard in the City of Light, as it has throughout the entire world. Public places have closed down. Residents are under quarantine, and allowed to leave their apartments and homes only for food, medical care, and occasional exercise — nothing more.

Tourism has ground to a halt. And that’s bad news for us Francophiles.

Restrictions and lockdowns are sure to come and go as the virus spreads around the globe, new treatments emerge, new mutations make the the disease worse or more contagious, and hopefully vaccines are developed to help us fight it.

Until then, we are simply going to keep posting about our favorite locations, events, and that certain je ne sais quoi that keeps Paris forever in our hearts. Whether you’re able to visit these wonderful locations today, tomorrow or even months from now is an unknown — much as what the future will bring when it comes to coronavirus.

If you’re in Paris, be sure to keep up with the latest local and national restrictions related to Covid before attempting to visit any public site. And for those of us who can’t travel to the City of Light for the foreseeable future, hopefully posts here and elsewhere will bring back fond memories of your last visit to Gay Par-ee and better yet, inspire you for your next trip to the City of Light.

Until then, be safe everyone. We will get through this together.