Sunday at the Bastille Farmer’s Market

There are dozens of farmer’s markets in Paris, at least two per each of the city’s 20 districts called arrondissements. The largest and arguably the best is the fantastic Richard Lenoir Market (more commonly called the Bastille market), held Thursdays and Sundays from 7:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. along the grand Boulevard Richard Lenoir, just north of the Place de la Bastille.

You can find ANYTHING here, but the focus is the fantastic foods grown by area farmers and even a few local organic gardeners. I’m a sucker for the roasted chickens, cooked in a way that the grease drips down to coat and cook piles of potatoes at the bottom of the roaster. The produce, cheese, fish and meats are all fresh and tasty, so stock up on snacks for your hotel room or, if you’re lucky enough to be renting a short-term apartment, supplies for a homemade French din-din.

Miam! (That’s “yum” in French!)