Annual ‘La Foire du Trone’ Carnival Now Open


Paris’s annual La Foire du Trone, a huge carnival with more than 300 rides and attractions and lots of amusement park food and treats, opened this past weekend in the Bois de Vincennes in the city’s 12th Arrondissement and will be open daily for the next two months. Popular family attractions include roller coasters (including kiddie coasters), a huge Ferris wheel, bounce houses, carousels, track-guided cars, bumper cars, giant slide, haunted house, log flume, scores of carnival games with prizes, acrobats, jugglers and live music. There are also a number of thrill rides for teens and adults that tilt, spin, rotate, fling, spring and roll. And, of course, the fair is ground zero for sweets and treats, including candy apples, churros, marshmallows, ice cream and more. Continue Reading →